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Environmental, Social, and Governance Objectives

BWC Terminal Holdings LLC (“BWC” or the “Company”) plays a crucial and long-term role in its customer’s supply chains, facilitating the transportation and storage of liquid products from areas of production to points of demand. We recognize the significant social and environmental implications of bulk storage, acknowledging both its positive contributions and potential drawbacks. At BWC, we are dedicated to tackling the ecological challenges associated with sustainable liquid transportation. Our corporate ethos is anchored in maintaining the highest level of stewardship towards our employees, customers, business partners, communities, and stakeholders, guided by the following core values:

BWC Core Values

Environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) performance factors are integral to ongoing business opportunities and enabling effective risk management by our management team. As such, we are committed to identifying, assessing, monitoring, and mitigating the environmental and social impacts of our operations. Ultimately, our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact on our employees, customers, business partners, the environment, and the communities in which we operate.

We prioritize and protect the environment by:
  • complying with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations;
  • implementing best practices for conservation of natural resources thereby reducing our carbon footprint and impact on climate change;
  • fostering a culture of continuous improvement to positively impact the environment; and
  • providing comprehensive training to our employees to ensure understanding of all applicable policies and procedures.
We make a positive impact in our communities by:
  • creating a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders;
  • empowering every employee to thrive and succeed;
  • implementing policies, procedures, and programs designed to prevent safety incidents and foster growth and development of our employees;
  • supporting our communities through charitable giving, volunteering and mentoring; and
  • encouraging and promoting diversity of thought and individuality within the organization.
We are accountable through a foundation of honesty, trust, and respect by:
  • complying with all applicable regulations;
  • mandating adherence to our Code of Conduct and Ethics principles;
  • maintaining an independent board of managers and associated committees;
  • fostering transparent decision-making at all levels in the organization;
  • continuously evaluating and updating all policies and procedures to align with regulations and industry best practices; and
  • exceeding customers' expectations by actively listening, responding promptly, and anticipating their needs.

BWC’s leadership team (including the Board of Managers) believe these ESG policy commitments will enable us to meet our strategic objectives, improve our approach to protecting the environment, make a positive impact in our communities, while remaining accountable through a foundation of integrity, trust and respect.

This policy is applicable to all managers, officers, directors, employees, and business partners acting for or on behalf of BWC and its controlled subsidiaries.

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